Madison County and World War I

An Official Madison County Bicentennial Event

Date: Thursday, June 29 2023

Time: 7:00PM-8:30PM


Emery Lee Auditorium, Beulah Park

503 South Park Avenue

Alexandria, IN 46001

Description: Madison County Historian Stephen Jackson is helping Alexandria to commemorate its Honoring Our Small Town Veterans project with information related to Madison County and its World War I military history. This program is part of the Madison County Bicentennial Celebration.

This program will include the following presentations on World War I and Madison County such as the:

  • Area response to the war, including Alexandria’s involvement.
  • Local Visit by WWI veteran Alvin York (most decorated veteran of WWI).
  • A video of a local parade held during WWI.

Legacy Project

This represents a Madison County Bicentennial Legacy assisted project. It was done in partnership with the Historic Gruenewald House in Anderson.